I was born in northern Ontario but spent my childhood moving across Canada and the USA. I was home-schooled, completed my BBA at the Schulich School of Business (2014), and pursued a brief career in finance. Fortunately, methodological concerns with fundamentalist religion soon turned me to philosophy for better answers about what morality requires of us.

I completed my MA in philosophy at York University (2016) and my PhD in philosophy at the University of Arizona (2023). I was initially preparing a dissertation on naturalism about normativity in metaethics, but my interest in scientific practice led me to pursue a doctoral minor in neuroscience. Since then, my research has explored the roles that norms like success, rationality, and functionality should play in hypothesis generation, experimental design, data analysis, and explanation in cognitive science. I eventually hope to defend a realist account of normativity that appeals to the various, indispensable roles that norms play in scientific practice.

Outside of academic life, I like to cook a lot of Desi food, bake a lot of vegan desserts, do road trips, hike, climb, weightlift, and go to EDM festivals. I’ve lived in Canada, USA, Singapore, and Germany. I visit Pakistan or India about every year or two.