Journal articles

Anatomy’s role in mechanistic explanations of organism behaviour.
Synthese, 203.137 (2024). [doi] [pdf]

In praise of animals (co-authored with Rhys Borchert).
Biology & Philosophy, 38.24 (2023). [doi] [pdf]

Metacognitive control in single- vs. dual-process theory.
Thinking & Reasoning, 29.2 (2023): 177–212. [doi] [pdf]

Arbitrating norms for reasoning tasks.
Synthese, 200.502 (2022). [doi] [pdf]

Anthropomorphism and anthropectomy as friendly competitors.
Philosophical Psychology, 30.7 (2017): 970–991. [doi]

A dual systems theory of incontinent action.
Philosophical Psychology, 30.7 (2017): 925–944. [doi]

Book chapters

Temporal dynamics of moral decision-making. (co-authoring with Corey Allen & Katherine Boere)
Invited for F. De Brigard & W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Eds.), Neuroscience & Philosophy, Volume 2.

Book reviews

Balancing the evidential scale for the mental unconscious. Review of Open minded: Searching for the truth about the unconscious mind by Newell & Shanks. Philosophical Psychology. [doi] [pdf]


Pressing Christie et al.’s (2023) objection: Why single out selected effects?
Forthcoming in Australasian Philosophical Review. [pdf]

Categorizing judgments as likely to be selected by intuition or deliberation.
Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 46.E118 (2023). [doi] [pdf]

Reframing single- and dual-process theories as cognitive models: Commentary on De Neys (2021). Perspectives on Psychological Science, 16.6 (2021): 1428–31. [doi] [pdf]


Paper on rational analysis vs. functional analysis (under review)

Paper on moral normativity in moral psychology (under review)

Paper with Travis Quigley on navigating complexity in political planning (under revision)

Paper on generalisation with biological functions (under revision)