Journal articles

Anatomy’s role in mechanistic explanations of organism behaviour.
Synthese, 203.137 (2024). [doi] [pdf]

In praise of animals (co-authored with Rhys Borchert).
Biology & Philosophy, 38.24 (2023). [doi] [pdf]

Metacognitive control in single- vs. dual-process theory.
Thinking & Reasoning, 29.2 (2023): 177–212. [doi] [pdf]

Arbitrating norms for reasoning tasks.
Synthese, 200.502 (2022). [doi] [pdf]

Anthropomorphism and anthropectomy as friendly competitors.
Philosophical Psychology, 30.7 (2017): 970–991. [doi]

A dual systems theory of incontinent action.
Philosophical Psychology, 30.7 (2017): 925–944. [doi]

Book chapters

Temporal dynamics of moral decision-making. (co-authoring with Corey Allen & Katherine Boere)
Invited for F. De Brigard & W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Eds.), Neuroscience & Philosophy, Volume 2.

Book reviews

Balancing the evidential scale for the mental unconscious. Review of Open minded: Searching for the truth about the unconscious mind by Newell & Shanks. Philosophical Psychology. [doi] [pdf]


Pressing Christie et al.’s (2023) objection: Why single out selected effects?
Forthcoming in Australasian Philosophical Review. [pdf]

Categorizing judgments as likely to be selected by intuition or deliberation.
Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 46.E118 (2023). [doi] [pdf]

Reframing single- and dual-process theories as cognitive models: Commentary on De Neys (2021). Perspectives on Psychological Science, 16.6 (2021): 1428–31. [doi] [pdf]